Frequently Asked Questions

At specific times throughout the day, Lending Club will publish all possible loan notes that are available to invest in. Within minutes of these publications, our software will locate those loans and determine which ones are the best to invest in based on our complex algorithms. Then, the software will pull your account information and determine how much available cash you have and invest according to your preferences.
The primary reason is so your funds can get to work on investing instead of accumulating idly.
Second, our algorithm based off historical data finds the loans that are most likely to to pay off, while delivering the highest returns.
Finally, not all loans are available in Lending Club's Automated Investing program. With our software, though, all loans are available.
Below is why we're different:
  • Only a 0.35% annual fee - the lowest in the industry
  • Offer a variety of investment packages
  • Publicly provide average user ROI
  • Strong focus on Lending Club
The primary reason we do not need your Lending Club account information is because Lending Club utilizes a secure API (or authorization number) that is unique to you. This protects your personal information from getting stored in multiple locations that may not be secure. This API has limitations such as the inability to change your account information.
Below are a few reasons:
  • We do not store your personal Lending Club account information such as password or bank account.
  • Your account information is encrypted using an algorithm only we know.
  • Billing is completed through a 3rd party vendor (PayPal). None of your billing information is stored with us.
  • Your connection to our website is encrypted by AES 128-block SSL, and monitored by Comodo.
Yes. However, to accomplish this you'll need to pause your account (see below).
You may pause investing by going to your account page.
Click the Pause Account tab, then click the Pause Investing button.
Click Update do update your account.
Please remember that you will continue to be billed even if your account is paused.
Not at this time. However, if there are enough requests to support it then we will certainly look into it.
We believe in our service so much that we believe a monthly subscription is not necessary for you to continue using us. Furthermore, it provides us the opportunity to reduce the service fee to 0.30% because the billing fees are not applied as frequently.
We want you to see for yourself how much you can gain by investing with us. Think of it as a trial amount: you have to see it to believe it.
You are billed via an invoice system provided by PayPal. You will receive an email from both us and PayPal to notify you of an invoice. You can also pay it by logging into your account and visiting the Invoices section. From there, you will see your most recent invoice and you may click "Pay Now". For more information on the invoice system, download this PDF.
You will receive an invoice on the first of the month, if you are billed that month. Remember, that you will only be billed every three months, unless you're a new user where you will receive your first bill the next 1st of the month and every 3 months thereafter.
You have 10 days to pay the invoice. If it is not paid within the 10 days, then your account will be deactivated.
Each invoice has a designated transaction number that we track through PayPal. Our system communicates with PayPal frequently to verify when that transaction number has received payment.
No. Even though we use PayPal's invoicing system to better track our records, it is not required. However, it is recommended so you can keep track of your personal billing records.

About Us

Flux Robot is an automated investing platform for Lending Club. We have years of research in determining which loans are most likely to be paid off, while delivering the highest return rates as possible.