Each our portfolio strategies outperforms the Lending Club and Prosper ROI. Below are the numbers gathered as of December 31, 2016.

Flux Robot Overall: 8.68% ROI
8.68% ROI
Lending Club: 6.96% ROI
6.96% ROI
Prosper: 5.70% ROI
5.70% ROI

Below is some of the statistics that we've reviewed to determine our different portfolios.

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    Everyone has a reason to take a loan. Some loans, like small business loans, have a 12% loss rate. Most loans are to consolidate debt, or to pay off credit cards.

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    The more frequently an inquiry is requested by a financial body, the higher the potential loss rate for that loan. A majority of loans have 0 inquiries in the past 6 months.

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    The grading system is similar to any other loan company where they compare various factors such as FICO score. The two most common grades are B and C.

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    Paid off

    Most completed loans are fully paid off before their loan repayment period ends. A majority of the time, these loans are paid off within the first 12 months.